Stonemason contractors you can count on in Albany

Stonemason contractors you can count on in Albany

Unlike some stonemason contractors who are there one day and gone the next, the contractors from Albany Stonemasons are here to stay. Offering a total package for all your needs in Albany and surrounds, we can guide you through every step from selecting the stone to laying it. To get more info on what we can do for you please read our FAQs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Usually we price our work by the square meter, then we times the square meter by a rate (e.g. 10 square meters of stonework x $250 = $2,500 + GST)

(II) Another example might be how much will it cost to install two entry pillars at two meters high x 450 squared (7.2m squared x $370 per square meter for south island schist = $2,664).

(III) How much does it cost to build a stone fireplace up to mantlepiece height? Say the fireplace is two meters high and 500 meters wide, that’s approximately four square meters x 450 per meter squared (for Wanaka schist), which equals $1,800 + GST.

Q. How do I clean my new schist or keep it in good condition?

A. First, your new schist should already be cleaned by your stonemason. Secondly, a waterblaster usually does a great job. Third, you can extend the life of your newly cleaned schist by applying a sealant to it, which we can price for you.

Q. What colours are available in South Island schist?

A. Here is a list of schists that we can install: Wanaka schist grey/brown; Arrowtown schist; Gibbston schist; Luther schist; Hawkdon schist; Glen Ida schist; Crawford Hills schist; Hari Hari schist; Waitaha schist; Coromandel schist x5; Northland schist (light grey); Glenorie schist; Hyde grey/brown; Kokonga; Saddle Hills; Kingston stone; Lindus stone; Tassis stone; Mannerburn green; Victoria Station blue; Pennyweight autumn; Blackstone Hills; Johnston Hills quarry; Alexander grey/brown; Louder brown; Hills Creek gold; Fiordland black
Stone mason in Albany
Stone mason in Albany
Stone mason in Albany
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